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The Tilt & Turn window  and door system has long been the most popular and widely used in Europe. Thanks to its universality it has become the most common worldwide in our times. The system offers superior thermal and sound insulation, security, structural rigidity and ventilation.

The 4500 Series includes, among others, the following style windows and doors: single or double Tilt & Turn Window or Balcony Door, Hopper, Fixed Picture, single or double hinged Patio Door, Tilt & Slide Door and Architectural Shapes. All of our products are manufactured using 100% virgin vinyl profiles.  They have heavy external walls for added rigidity and strength. The internal multi-cavity design offers thermal efficiency and sound insulation.  Both the sash and frame are fully reinforced with galvanized steel, making this our strongest and most durable product line. The multipoint locking hardware system offers several levels of security and proper perimeter gasket sealing.

4500 Series windows and doors are available in solid white, as well as unlimited painted exterior or interior colors, along with optional laminated wood grains for the interior.  All products may be used for remodeling and new construction applications. The windows and doors can easily be connected, thanks to mulling grooves that are an integral part of the frame profile, with the help of dedicated snap-in couplings. Mulling grooves also allow for the easy use of various accessory and finishing trim profiles. All frame and sash members are fully welded, allowing for permanent air and water tight corner joints.

4500 T&T Windows

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