A B C Grid Options

A grille between glass adds decorative appeal, it is sealed between two full glass panes. Grille comes in several different types and styles and may be used to create a variety of attractive designs. Grid patterns are available on all Advanced Window Corp. replacement window models. Plus, all grids are enclosed within the insulated glass unit so they provide all the warmth and beauty, but don’t interfere with cleaning. We offer also optional simulated lites on external surface of glass.

There was a time when a single pane of clear glass was the only option for a window, but much has changed since then. Today's windows come with a variety of glass options designed to meet a wide range of needs, including sound reduction, energy efficiency, privacy, and blocking UV rays. Learning about the difference between the various options can help you decide which type of glass is right for your home.

Glass Options

Tempered Glass

Heating ordinary glass to around 1246 degree Fahrenheit and then rapidly cooling it by blowing air on both sides produces tempered glass. This process makes tempered glass up to four times stronger than untreated glass. When it breaks, it shatters into small blunt fragments, rather than the dangerously sharp shards that are formed by breaking regular glass.

Obscure Glass

Obscure glass is primarily used to address privacy concerns. This style of glass has a textured surface which prevents it from being completely transparent. Obscure glass is popular in bathrooms, as it has a stylish appearance and lets in natural light without allowing others to see inside.

Low-E Glass

Low-E glass is formed by applying a thin metal coating to the surface of a pane of glass. The coating is too small too be visible, and allows the permeation of visible light, but reflects the part of the light spectrum that radiates heat, preventing heat from escaping or entering your home. Low-E windows help you to keep your home a comfortable temperature while saving on heating and cooling costs.

Argon Gas

Double pane windows are made up of two panes of glass with about half an inch of space between them, typically filled with argon or another inert gas. This space makes the windows excellent insulators, very effective at preventing the transfer of heat.

Tinted Glass

Tinted glass windows have a thin film applied to them, changing the opacity and color of the window. The film blocks heat and UV rays from entering the home through the windows, thus maintaining a more even temperature inside your home and preventing fading.

Laminated Glass

Laminated glass is created by sealing a thin layer of vinyl between two panes of glass. When laminated glass shatters, it does not fall apart into sharp shards; rather, it is held together by the vinyl interlayer. Laminated glass is most well known for this safety feature, which helps prevent break-ins or storm damage when used in a home, but it also has excellent sound reduction and UV blocking properties.

  • Classic or Contoured profiles available

  • Enclosed between the panes to ensure easy glass cleaning

  • Offered in white, beige, cocoa, bronze, brass and  light oak  finishes

Interior Grid Window Features

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