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5200 Series Doube Hung Window

Advanced Window offers several different glazing options for this Series 5200 Double Hung windows. Some examples include, dual and triple Low-E glazing with argon or krypton gas fills, or decorative grids in between the glass. All glass units are wet glazed assuring 100% air tightness and increased rigidity. All glass units incorporate “warm edge” spacer systems, Intercept® or Super Spacer®, reducing heat transfer and condensation. The quality of our glass is backed by our standing as a certified sealed glass manufacturer as per national industry standards.  


Ideal for both traditional and contemporary homes. The 5200 Series double hung window provides the ultimate in ventilation control, allowing you to direct air through the top, bottom, or both sashes together.

Advanced Window guarantees its insulated glass units for 20 years and the remaining window components for a limited lifetime under one of the best warranties available in the market. The quality of the 5200 Window Series is enforced through our voluntary participation in nationally standardized programs, controlled by the NFRC, AAMA, GANA and NGA. 5200 Series windows are certified Energy Star® products and offer thermal and structural properties at one of the highest levels.  

5200 Units